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DaLian Deutz B/FM2011 Pump Engine

The Walchai Deutz B/FM2011 pump engine is an excellent power solution in a 2 to 4 cylinder design with a displacement range of 1.6 to 3.1L. The engine is widely praised in the field of pumping equipment for its excellent performance characteristics and multiple advantages.
The B/FM2011 pump engine uses advanced combustion system and turbocharging technology to provide strong and reliable power output and torque performance for pumping equipment under various operating conditions. Both at high loads and at low speeds, the engine ensures a stable and reliable power output, thus ensuring efficient operation of the pumping equipment.
B/FM2011 pump engines focus on economic and environmental performance. Through optimized fuel consumption and low emission design, the engine meets the latest environmental standards, reduces operating costs, reduces environmental impact, and creates a more economical and environmentally friendly power option for users.
This engine has a compact design and is suitable for installation in a wide range of pumping equipment. Its compact form factor saves installation space while increasing overall mechanical compacting, reducing vibration and noise, and increasing comfort and stability.

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General Specifications of B/FM2011 Series

Engine Type:2 / 3 / 4 Cylinders, in Line
Displacement:1.6 / 2.3 / 3.1  L
Rated Speed:1500 – 1800 RPM
Rated Power / Speed:12 – 60 kW @ 1500 – 1800 RPM
Peak Torque:N/A
Fuel System:N/A
Aspiration Method:Natural / Intercooled Turbo
Bore * Stroke:94 mm * 112 mm
Basic Engine(L * W * H):N/A
Bare Weight:N/A
Huachai Deutz B/FM2011 Pump Engine Catalogue

Engine Model

Rated Power

Compression Ratio

Engine Model

Rated Power

Compression Ratio

F2M201112 kW @ 1500 RPM19F3M201120 kW @ 1500 RPM19
F4M201129 kW @ 1500 RPM19BF4M201139 kW @ 1500 RPM18.1
F2M2011-A23 kW @ 1800 RPM19F3M2011-A23 kW @ 1800 RPM19
F4M2011-A33 kW @ 1800 RPM19BF4M2011-A45 kW @ 1800 RPM18.1
BF4M2011C56 kW @ 1500 RPM18.1BF4M2011C-A60 kW @ 1800 RPM18.1

DaLian Deutz B/FM2011 Series Pump Engine

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