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We cares your voice, from pre-sales communications, to sales communications, from after-sales complaints to customer review feedback, EMAC continuously collecting all kinds of qustions from customers, no matter questions on products, about business terms, marketing or manament related, helping EMAC and customers to know each other better and grow up together.
With the mission of “Better Power, Better World”, and the vision of “Make China Power the World”, EMAC looking for business partners in each country, that can working both as branch company or joint venture, by utilize the rich resources here in China, and our local business partner’s network resource and local service advantages, we hope can help all manufacturers in the world to improve their design ability, manufacturing capability, management level and products quality standard.

You are highly welcome to send us any questions, and every single question might be useful for other people from all over the world.
To help all customers to find answer to related questions easier, we divided all questions into four types, they are questions about products, questions about business, questions about marketing, questions about management.

We believe our continuously effort on FAQs will greatly helping our customers to improve their working efficiency and lower down communication costs.

Questions About Products

    Questions About Business

      Questions About Management

        Questions About Training

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