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BFM1013 Industrial

Huachai Deutz BFM1013 series industrial engines are known for their high performance, reliability and fuel efficiency and are used in a variety of applications including construction equipment, agricultural machinery and generators.

Huachai Deutz BFM1013 series industrial engines are available in various models with a displacement of 4.04 liters and rated power ranging from 80 to 173 horsepower. With its compact design, high power density and low fuel consumption, the engine is an efficient choice for a wide range of industrial needs. These engines are turbocharged and air-cooled, with direct injection and electronic control for optimum performance and fuel economy.

Huachai Deutz BFM1013 series industrial engines are a popular choice for users who need a reliable and efficient diesel engine for their industrial equipment.
We provide all customers with full life cycle services from design to power system supply, from installation to commissioning, from after-sales service training to spare parts supply, from troubleshooting to maintenance technical support.

Advantages of BFM1013 Industrial Engine

. Energy efficient
The engine adopts advanced combustion chamber design and fuel injection system, which can achieve high efficiency and energy saving, and reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

. Strong reliability
The engine adopts advanced design technology and high-quality materials, and can maintain stable and long-lasting operation in various harsh environments.

. Good power
The engine has a large power and torque output, which can meet the needs of different application fields.


Huachai Deutz BFM1013 Series Industrial Engine

All models of Huachai Deutz BFM1013 Series Industrial Engine.

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