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Site Selection And Arrangement Of Diesel Engine Room

Jun 16, 2023 | Management News | 0 comments

The layout of the diesel generator set should be based on its nature, quantity, power and the user’s own needs, and the appropriate layout method should be selected. Generally, there is only one diesel generator set for the emergency diesel generator set, and the diesel generator set and the generator control panel can be set. in the same machine room. For small-capacity diesel generator sets, the control panel is generally installed on the diesel generator set to form electromechanical integration, and it can also be installed in the same machine room. For diesel generator sets with large installed capacity and a large number of units, or in order to improve working conditions, the diesel generator set can be divided into a machine room equipped with diesel generator sets and a control room equipped with control panels and power distribution panels, and the necessary auxiliary Room. If the diesel generator set of this type is close to the substation and distribution room of the mains power supply, the electrical control equipment of the diesel generator set can be uniformly installed in the substation and distribution room.


Site Selection of Diesel Engine Room

  • Good Ventilation
  • It can protect the diesel generator set from rain, snow, ice camp, flood, direct sunlight, excessive low temperature or high temperature and other factors.
  • Do not expose the diesel generator set to air pollution such as grinding dust, metal dust, lint, smoke, soot vapors, fumes from other generators, or other pollution.
  • Leave a passage for the whole machine to pass through to the installation room. The intake and exhaust ducts should be easily disassembled so that they can be used as porting ports when required.
  • Directly close to the substation of the building, which is convenient for wiring, reduces the loss of electric energy, and is also convenient for management.

Layout principle of diesel engine room

  • The smoke exhaust pipe should be installed overhead on the upper part of the diesel generator set, at least 2.2 meters above the ground.
  • When arranging, the installation, inspection and handling passages should be reserved.
  • The height of the machine room should take into account the height required to hang the piston, connecting rod and crankshaft by using the hook to hang the manual hoist during installation or maintenance.
  • The oil pipeline or water pipeline should be installed in the trench on both sides of the diesel generator set, generally 0.5 ~ 0.8 meters deep. Except for one end of the cooling water tank in the machine room, the distance between the other three sides and the wall is not less than 1 meter.
  • The height of the machine room is not less than 4.5 meters, and the distance between the bottom of the machine room and the top of the diesel generator set is not less than 2 meters.
  • Trench can be set in the machine room for the laying of cables, water and oil pipes: cables can also use overhead cable reels.

Layout requirements for different models

  • Layout of emergency units

The continuous operation time of Liji diesel generator set and some backup diesel generator sets is relatively short, usually only a few hours, so the auxiliary system can be simplified, and the diesel generator set equipment is located in the same machine room. The control phase of the generator is independent and placed in the class wind of the diesel generator set. The cooling system adopts a calendar shield ring. Exhaust to the outside, and enter the air through the open window in the machine room.

  • Layout of commonly used units

Commonly used tight oil generator sets generally use multiple diesel generator sets, and their auxiliary equipment is also relatively complete, and they operate for long-term power supply. In order to create a better working environment for diesel generator sets, self-provided common power plants are generally divided into two parts: the main room of the machine room and the auxiliary room. The purple oil generating set is installed in the engine room, and the auxiliary equipment such as the oil depot water tank and the intake and exhaust fan, which are closely related to the diesel generating set, are located near the engine room. It is located in the control room, and the check-in personnel mainly operate and monitor the operation of the diesel generator set at the control rate. nearby.

Usually self-contained power stations are equipped with two or three purple oil generating sets to ensure the reliability of power supply. There are two common layouts for the equipment room equipment equipped with two purple oil generating sets. If the Austrian self-contained power station needs to be equipped with two diesel generator sets. If the diesel power station is built in the basement.


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