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Huachai Deutz 413 Generator Drive Engine

Huachai Deutz 413 series G-Drive engine is a four-stroke water-cooled engine that uses direct injection technology to provide high levels of power and torque. It displaces 4.764 liters and develops up to 105 kW (141 hp) at 2,200 rpm. The engine is compatible with a range of applications including construction equipment, generators and ships. It is designed for durability, low fuel consumption and easy maintenance. Huachai Deutz 413 series G-Drive engine complies with Euro III, EPA Tier 3 and many other emission regulations.

Huachai Deutz 413 series G-Drive engines are widely used in various industrial applications, including construction equipment, mining machinery and agricultural machinery.
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Advantages of 413 G-Drive Engine

. High performance
Adopting advanced direct injection technology, it can provide high power and high torque output.

. Low noise and vibration levels
The engine is equipped with high-quality noise and vibration isolation materials to reduce the transmission of engine noise and vibration, and improve the reliability of the whole machine.

. Strong reliability
The engine has been rigorously tested and proven for exceptional reliability and durability.

Huachai Deutz 413 Series G-Drive Engine

This list including all models of Huachai Deutz 413 Series G-Drive Engine.
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