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HuaChai-DEUTZ Automotive Engine

HuaChai-Deutz company produces BFM1915 series, TCD2015 vehicle engine series, in addition, the company independently produces diesel engine casings, cylinder liners, connecting rods, accessory brackets and other critical parts.

HuaChai-Deutz’s automobile engines are popular in the market for their excellent performance and excellent quality. These engines have excellent power output and fuel economy, which can help the vehicle to run more efficiently. At the same time, with advanced exhaust gas treatment technology, HuaChai-Deutz’s car engines can also reduce emissions and meet environmental protection standards.

In addition to providing excellent automotive engine products, HuaChai-Deutz is also committed to providing comprehensive after-sales services, including repairs and maintenance. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, the company has established a comprehensive service network. With the support of HuaChai-Deutz, customers can choose and use their automotive engine products with more confidence.

Advantages of Automotive Engine

Large low speed torque, wide range of torque output, quicker start ability in mountainous areas, powerful climbing abilities, high plain driving speed, transport mileage per unit time is longer brings higher working efficiency for trucks powered by Huachai-Deutz.
Huachai-Deutz automotive engines originated from the Deutz advanced design and superior manufacture, lower 20% oil consumption than congeneric products. Rely on excellent reliability, Lower maintenance and repair costs, Huachai-Deutz automotive engines has been widely used in all kinds of vehicles including light, medium and heavy trucks, medium and high-grade intercity buses, and large and medium-sized buses.

HuaChai-Deutz auto engines proved its strong power in the 3000 meters altitude, and can also be easily start up with ultra-low temperature at – 35 ℃, it’s a reliable power solution for all kinds of harsh environment.

In the future, HuaChai-Deutz will continue to devote itself to the research and development of more advanced automotive engine technologies, and provide customers with better products and services.

Find Automotive Engines by Series

This is the list of all series of HuaChai-Deutz autmotive engines.
Click here to find automotive engines by type (Fuel System & Emission Standard).

BFM1013 Automotive

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BFM1015 Automotive

BFM2012 Automotive

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TCD2015 Automotive

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