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Installation Method of Diesel Generator Base Bracket

Aug 25, 2023 | Technical Literature | 0 comments

According to feedback from many users, during the installation process of many dealers for the unit’s diesel generator set, the shock absorption effect of the ground foundation is not good, which affects the later use. In response to this problem, Huachai Deutz Company used computer simulation software to simulate the installation process of diesel generator sets, and proposed corresponding improvement methods, and tested this method in practical applications to be very effective.


Base support structure

The elastic base of the diesel generator is mainly composed of elastic supports, jacking bolts, anchor bolts, connecting screws, compensation steel gaskets, elastic support steel gaskets, and hull base panels. The 8 elastic supports of the main generator evenly carry the generator 1 static load and reduced operating vibration, the bottom surfaces of the 8 elastic supports are on the same plane, and the role of the steel gasket is to compensate the unevenness of the base panel of the hull, so that the 8 elastic supports are on the same plane to achieve elastic support force Uniform purpose.
The 8 elastic supports of the diesel generator set are to evenly carry the static load of the generator and reduce the vibration during operation. The bottom surfaces of the 8 elastic supports are on the same plane. The role of the steel gasket is to compensate the unevenness of the base panel of the generator set, so that the bottom surfaces of the 8 elastic supports are on the same plane, achieving the purpose of uniform force on the elastic support. Therefore, the thickness and slope of each steel gasket are different. The installation adjustment and measurement method provided by the generator manufacturer is to realize the uniform force of the elastic support by adjusting the bolts, that is, the values of each H are basically equal, and then directly measure h to determine the thickness of the steel heat sheet, so the values of each h are not equal.

Implementation and effect

After the actual operation of the generator set installation, the generator set installed the generator by adopting the improved method to calculate and process the summer temperature of the glare fins. The shrinkage height of each elastic support and the crank-start gear difference fully meet the requirements, and there is no change. The phenomenon of repeated construction occurs.
However, in practical applications, it is found that when measuring the height of the rigid support, the distribution of the measurement points is inconsistent with the Xiadu points at the 4 diagonal corners of the rectangular steel potential sheet we need. Therefore, the actual steel gasket layer hxX (4 diagonal points) is inconsistent with the H measurement position and must be corrected proportionally. In the conventional installation method provided by the generator manufacturer, h is the measured data, so this problem does not exist. Since the calculation process is all computer-operated, the need for highly skilled personnel is completely avoided, and only the on-site process is required to perform computer numerical calculations on the initial measurement data, which improves the construction efficiency.

The installation of the elastic support of the main generator requires high installation accuracy and technical accuracy, which has always been the punctuality in the installation of the main generator. After continuous exploration and process improvement in the construction of generating units, the new installation process has achieved success, greatly improving construction efficiency, shortening the installation period, and providing valuable reference for the installation of other shock-absorbing equipment with elastic supports.

Matters needing attention

1. The level of the equipment must be guaranteed during installation, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the equipment.
2. There must be enough space between the equipment and the ground during installation to ensure that the equipment is well ventilated.
3. During the installation process, it is necessary to use professional tools to tighten the bolts and nuts to ensure that they are firm and reliable.
4. Before using the diesel generator, a comprehensive inspection must be carried out, and the fault should be eliminated.
Summary: Diesel generator is an indispensable equipment in modern life. It can provide us with stable power and meet our various electricity needs. Therefore, the requirements for the stability of the generator set operation are relatively high. At the same time, due to the long shafting of the high-power power generation diesel engine, the ignition sequence, fuel injection volume, and force of each cylinder must be closely adapted to the load characteristics of the diesel engine. Therefore, the dynamic The characteristics and matching precision requirements are high. Therefore, before using the diesel generator, we must first learn the correct fixing method to ensure the stable operation and safe use of the diesel generator. The improvement of the base measures this time can form a precise fit with the bottom surface of the generator set, and has good dynamic performance, and the size can be adjusted during the installation process, so that the manufacturing, transportation and installation deformation of the base can be controlled

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