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HuaChai HC6V132-F1P1 Fire Pump Engine

Jun 6, 2023 | Pump Drive Engine | 0 comments

HuaChai HC6V132-F1P1 Fire Pump Engine

DCEC 4B3.9-G1 generator drive engine is a 4-cylinders in line,3.9 liter four-strokes engine with 102mm bore and 120mm stroke.

Equipped with BYC A pump and RSV mechanical governor. the prime power for 50HZ generator set (1500RPM) of DCEC 4B3.9-G1 generator drive engine is 24kW.

As part of EMAC, SinoGen also provide complete power supply solutions that powered by DCEC, our ranges of products including open type generator set, silence type generator set, super silence type generator set, mobile trailer, complete power truck and complete power car for railways applications.

We provide full life cycle services for all customers, from design to power system supply, from installation to commissioning, from after-sales service training to spare parts supply, from trouble shooting to overhaul technical support.

Advantages of HuaChai BF6M1015-LA G1A G-Drive Engine

  • Efficient and fuel-saving: the cylinder bore adopts a platform mesh honing design; the perfect geometric structure effectively prevents oil leakage.

  • adopts advanced technologies such as new piston ring components and gasket crimping molding to reduce oil loss.

  • Manufacturing process: The cylinder block and cylinder head adopt integrated design, which eliminates the occurrence of engine water leakage and oil leakage.

  • The parts are about 40% less than other similar engines, and the failure rate is greatly reduced.

  • Strong power: adopts Holset supercharger with integral wastegate valve, low-speed response and strong power.

  • Advanced design and high-quality manufacturing, adaptable to severe operating conditions, high strength, and reliable operation under heavy load.

Technical Specifications

Engine Model:BF6M1015-LA G1A
Engine Type:6  Cylinders
Displacement:11.906 L
Rated Speed:1500 RPM
Rated Power:250 kW @ 1500 RPM
Fuel System:N / A 
Heat Carry Off By Coolant:138 kW (Dry manifolds)
Aspiration Mode:Turbocharged
Emission Standard:1375 kg / h
Bore*Storke:132 mm * 145 mm
Packing Size(L*W*H):N / A
Dry Weight:850 kg
Lead Time:15-30 Working Days
Payment Terms:T / T , L / C

Engine Model


Prime Power

Fuel System


BF6M1015-LA G1A50Hz @ 1500 RPM250 kW @ 1500 RPMN / ATurbocharged
BF6M1015C-LA G2A50Hz @ 1500 RPM285 kW @ 1500 RPMN / ATurbocharged
BF6M1015C-LA G3A50Hz @ 1500 RPM314 kW @ 1800 RPMN / ATurbocharged
BF6M1015C-LA G450Hz @ 1500 RPM345 kW @ 1500 RPMN / ATurbocharged
BF6M1015CP-LA G50Hz @ 1500 RPM365 kW @ 1800 RPMN / ATurbocharged
BF6M1015-LA GA50Hz @ 1500 RPM231 kW @ 1800 RPMN / ATurbocharged

General Infomation of HuaChai Deutz BF6M1015-LA G1A Generator Drive Engine

Engine ModelBF6M1015-LA G1AInter-Cooling MethodCAC
Prime Power250 kWMax. Engine Width931.7 mm
Number of Cylinders6 CylindersMax. Engine Length1043.1 mm
Fuel SystemN / AAspirationTurbocharged
Bore * Storke132 mm * 145 mmDisplacement11.906L
Approximate Engine Weight850 kgStarter Rated Power9 kW
Pack DimensionsN / AGenerator Capacity (A) / Voltage (V)55 (A) / 28.5 (V)

Installation Data of HuaChai Deutz BF6M1015-LA G1A Generator Drive Engine

Max. Exhaust Backpressure50 Mbar
Max. Allowable Air Inlet Resistance50 Mbar
Turbocharger Inlet Size122 mm
Turbocharger Exhaust Flange Connect Bolt4 X M10
Turbocharger Exhaust Flange Inner Diameter Size117 mm

Engine Performance Data of BF6M1015-LA G1A Generator Drive Engine

Rotation Speed1500 RPMSpecification50 Hz
Prime Power250 kWEffective Pressure16.8 Bar
MAX. exhaust gas temperature463 ℃Charge air temperature 146 ℃
Inlet air (25 /1000mbar)1124 m³ / hEmission1375 KG / H 
Fuel Consumption 196G / kW · H Aspiration ModeTurbocharged

System Technical Data of HuaChai BF6M1015-LA G1A Generator Engine

Lubrication systemMin. Oil Pressure at 1500 RPM (Oil Temperature 90≥ 3 Bar
Min. Oil Pressure at 600 RPM (Oil Temperature 90 )≥ 1 Bar
Oil Temperature of Normal Operation130
Oil Consumption Rate<0.3% of Fuel Consumption
Oil PanFlywheel Side 
Oil Pan Inclination 30°
Initial Oil Filling38 L
Oil Filter Element TypeDisposable Filter
No. of Oil Filter Element 1
Cooling SystemEngine Coolant Capacity17 L
Water-Pump Flow260  L / MIN
Water-Pump Pressure1.25 Bar
Allowable Pressure Loss of Cooling System (Include Pipeline)0.35
Heat Carry Off By Coolant138 kW
InOutlet Coolant Size70 mm
Temperature of Switch On Two Thermostats Respectively79 / 87
Temperature of Switch On Two Thermostats Totally 94 / 102
Max. Allowable Operating Temperature103
Temperature Difference Between Inlet And Outlet Coolant8
Inter-Cooler Cooling Power 52 kW
Charge Air Outlet Size 90 mm
FanExhaust Type
Fan ConnectionGear Driver + Coupler
Fan Diameter880 mm
Air Volume of Fan 4.6 m³ / s
 Fan Power Consumption14 kW
 Fan Transmission Ratio0.96
Cold starting systemLowest Ambient Temperature Of Cold Starting Without Assistant (Standard Configuration) – 17
Lowest Ambient Temperature Of Cold Starting With Flame Preheat Plug – 32
Fuel SystemCylinder Ignition Sequence1-6-3-5-2-4
Idle Speed600±50  RPM
Low-Pressure Pump Oil Load Capacity190 L/h
Fuel Filter Element TypeDisposable filter
No. Of The Fuel Filter Element 2

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