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HC12V Marine

The engine of Huachai Deutz HC12V series marine main engine adopts 12-cylinder V-type diesel engine structure, which realizes more efficient combustion and better power performance.

In addition, Huachai Deutz HC12V series marine main engine also adopts advanced electronic speed control system, air-air supercharger and turbocharger and other technologies, which make it have the characteristics of excellent fuel economy and low emission. The engine not only complies with international emission standards such as IMO Tier II and Tier III, but also adopts advanced exhaust gas treatment devices to minimize emissions and protect the marine environment.

Huachai Deutz HC12V series marine main engines have reached the international advanced level in terms of performance, efficiency and environmental protection, and have been widely used in various ships, such as cargo ships, passenger ships, container ships and oil tankers.

Advantages of HC12V Marine Main Engine

. Energy efficient
The use of advanced fuel system and emission control technology improves fuel utilization, reduces exhaust emissions and reduces environmental pollution.

. Strong reliability
Using high-quality raw materials, precision processing technology and strict testing standards to ensure product quality and reliability.

. Wide range of application
Suitable for various types of ships, such as passenger ships, cargo ships, fishing boats, rescue boats, etc.

Huachai Deutz HC12V Series Marine Main Engine

 All models of Huachai Deutz HC12V Series Marine Main Engine.

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