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HuaChai Deutz BF8M1015CP Automotive Engine

Huachai Deutz BF8M1015CP automotive engine uses a 6 Cylinder design, a 6 Cylinder engine is usually suitable for larger vehicles or applications that require higher torque and power output.

BF8M1015CP has a displacement of 15.9 L, larger displacement means better acceleration performance and handling stability, especially suitable for heavy-duty or high-load working environments.

The Engine has a maximum power output of 440 kW, enough to drive large vehicles or provide high performance, which is important for applications that require quick acceleration or long distance runs.

We provide all customers with full life cycle services from design to power system supply, from installation to commissioning, from after-sales service training to spare parts supply, from troubleshooting to maintenance technical support.

Advantages of BF8M1015CP

  • BF8M1015CP Engine adopts advanced combustion technology and fuel management system, which can effectively control fuel consumption. Compared with other engines of the same level, it can achieve higher fuel economy and lower operating costs under the same workload.

  • The Engine is assembled with Deutz brand technology and craftsmanship, as well as high-quality components, ensuring its high reliability and long-lasting durability. It has undergone strict testing and quality control, and can adapt to various harsh working conditions and environments, providing stable and reliable performance.

  • The BF8M1015CP Engine is designed with ease of maintenance in mind, facilitating routine repair and maintenance operations. It adopts a modular design, which makes the parts easier to remove and replace, reducing maintenance time and cost. In addition, Detz also provides a wide range of after-sales service and spare parts support, which is convenient for users to carry out maintenance and maintenance work.

  • The Engine uses advanced combustion technology and emission control system to meet strict emission standards. It uses high-efficiency turbochargers and advanced injection systems to make combustion more complete and reduce pollutant emissions.

Technical Specifications

Engine Type:8 Cylinders, V type
Displacement:15.9 L
Rated Power / Speed::440 kW @ 2100 RPM
Compression ratio:16.5
Max. Torque/Speed::2720 N.m/1300 RPM
Aspiration Method:Turbo & Intercooled
Emission Standard:Euro II
Fuel Consumption:N/A
Packing Size(L*W*H):1006*932*1152 (mm)
Gross Weight:1060 Kg
Lead Time:15-30 Working Days
Payment Terms:T/T ,L/C

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Engine Model

Rated power/Speed

Max. Torque/Speed



BF6M1015C-A214 kW/2100 RPM1265 N.m/1300 RPMTurbocharged & IntercoolerEuro II
BF6M1015C-B240 kW/2100 RPM1420 N.m/1300 RPMTurbocharged & IntercoolerEuro II
BF6M1015C-C300 kW/2100 RPM1773 N.m/1300 RPMTurbocharged & IntercoolerEuro II
BF6M1015CP330 kW/2100 RPM2647 N.m/1400 RPMTurbocharged & IntercoolerEuro II
BF8M1015C-A270 kW1719 N.m/1300 RPMTurbocharged & IntercoolerEuro II
BF8M1015C-B280 kW1782 N.m/1300 RPMTurbocharged & IntercoolerEuro II
BF8M1015C-C290 kW1846 N.m/1300 RPMTurbocharged & IntercoolerEuro II
BF8M1015CP440 kW2720 N.m/1300 RPMTurbocharged & IntercoolerEuro II

General Information of BF8M1015CP Automotive Engine

Number of cylinders 8  Cylinders
Bore/stroke132 mm/145 mm
Displacement15.9 L
Compression ratio16.5
Max. rated speed2100 RPM
Mean piston speed10.2 m/s
Power output440 kW
at speeds2100 RPM
Max. torque2720 Nm
at speeds1300 RPM
Overall Diemension(L*W*H)1006 mm * 932 mm * 1152 mm
Weight1060 Kg

Technical Specification of BF8M1015CP Automotive Engine

Power rating to ISO 1585 (kW)440
at speed (RPM)2100/1300
max. torque (Nm)2720

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