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Huachai Company Launched the Outboard Motor to the Market

May 31, 2023 | China News | 0 comments

The HC40/50/60E marine diesel outboard motors produced by Huachai Company have successfully completed various sea trial tasks and have been released to the market in the form of shelf products for customers to choose from.

The outboard motor is a machine that can be disassembled at any time and is not permanently fixed on the hull for propulsion. The outboard motor manufactured by Huachai Company uses diesel as fuel, and the power range is 37kW-45kW. The body adopts an integrated vertical axis layout. The designed in-line three-cylinder gantry structure, the cylinder head is a three-cylinder integral type, and the overhead camshaft structure. The fuel system adopts an electronically controlled common rail fuel supply method and a compression ignition ignition method, which has higher fuel efficiency. The engine is more economical, durable, and safer, with less emissions and 45% lower greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline engines, making the operation of ships more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The engine has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high power, high speed, long life and good power performance. As a power device, it can be widely used in small high-speed fiberglass boats, high-speed yachts, fishing boats and work boats. It is suitable for transportation, tourism, fishery, flood control and disaster relief and other fields.

The outboard engine development of Huachai Company is a brand-new product designed and manufactured by the deep integration of the internal sectors of the Power Institute, taking advantage of their respective advantages, adhering to the group company’s “two-wheel drive” innovative development policy, and fully following the “complementary advantages, in-depth cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win situation” “The principle of market-oriented cooperation has turned “dangerous” into “machine” in the design, development and production of outboard motors. Against the trend, it has completed various links such as scientific research, production, testing, and sea trials at the fastest speed. At present, it has the conditions for commercialization, providing users with a selection configuration table, and users can freely choose according to their needs.

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