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Function And Installation Of Control Panel Of Diesel Generator Set

May 31, 2023 | Technical Literature | 0 comments

The performance, service life and reliability of the diesel generator set are not only related to the design and manufacture of the generator set, but also depend to a large extent on whether the generator set is installed according to the regulations and whether the use method is correct or not. , Whether the daily maintenance is implemented according to the rules and regulations, whether the failure occurs in a timely manner, etc. It can be said that correct installation, use and maintenance are the most critical links to ensure the performance, life and reliability of generator sets.

The role of the control screen

Visually, a control panel is a set of displays that indicate the measurement of various parameters, such as voltage, current, and frequency, through gauges and gauges. These gauges and gauges are housed in metal enclosures, usually corrosion-resistant to keep them out of rain and snow. This panel can be set on the body of the generator itself, which is usually the case for smaller generators. If mounted on a generator, they usually have anti-vibration pads to help isolate the control panel from vibrations. The control panels of large industrial generators can be completely separated from the generator and are usually large enough to stand on their own. These units can also be rack mounted or mounted on the wall next to the generator, which is common in enclosures or internal applications such as data centers.

The control panel usually has buttons or switches to help operate the generator, such as an off button or on key. Switches and gauges are often grouped according to function. This makes the panel both friendly and safe to use, as it minimizes the possibility of the operator accidentally selecting or performing the wrong maneuver. Imagine trying to turn off the vibration generator in the middle of the night with a spring-loaded lever, and you’ll see why a simple kill switch at the control panel makes sense.

Installation of the control panel

According to the installation method, the control panel of the diesel generator set can be divided into one-piece type and split type. The split control panel means that the generator set and the control panel are placed separately, and the control system and main switch are installed in the control panel. The integrated control panel means that the generator set and the control panel are placed separately, the control panel (where the control system is installed) is fixed on the top of the generator set through a shock absorber, and the switch panel (where the main switch is installed) is installed on the side of the generator set.

1. Integrated control panel installation
The integrated control panel is directly installed above the generator of the generator set, and a shock absorber is installed at the connection with the generator.

2. Split control panel installation
The split control panel can be installed in two ways: compartment and non-compartment. The distance between the control panel and the generator set should not exceed 10m. If the control panel is installed in a non-compartment, the control panel should avoid the heat source and vibration source of the generator set, but the ideal installation solution for the split control panel is to install it in a soundproof operating room, which can ensure that the control panel and its electrical components are in the same room. When the generator set is running, it is free from the influence of the vibration source and heat source of the generator set; at the same time, it can reduce the influence of the vibration and noise of the generator set on the operator. When installing in a soundproof operation room, the ground of the operation room (often called the control room) should be 0.7~0.8m higher than the installation ground of the machine room, so as to monitor the overall picture of the generator set.

A soundproof door and a soundproof observation window are usually installed between the control room and the machine room, and the observation window is made of 5-8mm flat glass to make a double-layer sealed window. The distance between the two layers of glass should not be less than 80mm, and the upper end of the glass facing the machine room should be inclined to the ground of the machine room. In this way, noise reflection can be enhanced and condensation can be prevented.

Working process of control panel

The control panel is becoming an increasingly complex electronic component with a microprocessor that processes input from sensors to help provide feedback to the diesel generator to manage itself. One such feedback could be temperature, indicating overheating, other examples would be over/under speed and low/high oil pressure. Typically, thermal sensors inside the generator sense the heat buildup in the generator body and pass this on to the microprocessor in the control panel. The microprocessor will then take effective action to regulate the performance of the diesel generator, including shutting down, for example, if the oil pressure is too low or the coolant temperature is too high, causing heat buildup. In industrial environments, this function of control panels is becoming more and more important. A microprocessor or microcontroller is embedded in the circuitry within the control panel and is programmed to receive sensor input and react to it according to programmed manipulation rules.

Control panels can be combined with automatic transfer switches (ATS) to maintain circuit continuity. When the local grid fails, the automatic test system detects the outage. It sends a signal to the control panel to start the generator. Depending on the type of generator used, the control panel can activate the glow plugs (for diesel) for an adjustable time. It will then start the alternator using an automatic starter, similar to what you get in the morning when you turn the key while the car is on. Once the diesel genset reaches optimum speed, the starter disengages. The automated test system then switches over to generator power and you can resume normal work as usual without having to frantically scramble to figure out what caused the outage. This aspect of the control panel makes it extremely useful in domestic and industrial environments in severe weather, ensuring mission-critical continuity.

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