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EMAC’s Customer Review-A Egypt’s Company Feedback.

Sep 8, 2023 | Customer Review | 0 comments

Want to know the products quality and services of EMAC? Our Clients’s feedback will be most reliable words for sure, after more than 11 years of continuously effort, EMAC have more than 8000 clients from more than 100 countries, we will keep updating the customers’ feedback from different countries and different industries.

A Promise is A Promise, EMAC always do what we say, and for customer’s feedback, also 100% original from clients’s real words. EMAC, a Chinese company that you can trust!

The picture of EMACs Customer Review A Egypts Company Feedback.

Q1: Can you tell us about yourself and your company?

You Answer: We are fishing vessels owners since 1940s ( family business) . Our business field is Diesel engines & diesel parts & marine suppling .

Q2: Where do you source your meterials?

You Answer: We sourcing our materials from Egypt, USA and China.

Q3: When do you start your business with Chinese suppliers?

You Answer: Since the year of 2021, we start business relationship with EMAC and they are the first Chinese company we are working with.

Q4: What’s the general experience of dealing with Chinese suppliers?

You Answer: We only have worked with EMAC till now and very good experience,

Q5: When do you start your business with EMAC group?

You Answer: March 2021.

Q6: What’s your feeling of dealing with EMAC?

We are dealing with a very professional & committed supplier.

Q7: What’s your experience of goods supplied by EMAC?

You Answer: We bought four units Advance Gearbox from EMAC. Hight quality & reasonable price.

Q8: What’s your suggestion to EMAC?

You Answer: No comment.

Q9: Are you willing to introduce EMAC to your friends or partners?

You Answer: Yes.

Q10: What’s your expectation of future cooperation with EMAC?

You Answer: We are looking forward to make very good business with EMAC in the field of diesel engine, gearbox and spare parts.

Q11: What’s do you want to tell EMAC’s potential customers?

You Answer: You can count on EMAC in trems of commitment & quality.

As a professional power system supplier, EMAC always take highly responsbility for all customers, we are not targeting to sell more products, but devoting ourselves to provide best matching solutions for all partners with lowest possible costs, our products can never be cheapest ones, but always realiable ones with reasonable prices. Our unique advantages are based on our strong network in power system industry in China and our 12 years of power system industry experience, this end up with our ability of multiple power system solution that customize for different applications.

In a word. EMAC is the answer of best value for money power system supplier in China, professional and multiple options.

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