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BFM1013-P Pump

Huachai Deutz BFM1013-P series pump engine is a four-stroke water-cooled engine with a displacement of 4.04 liters. It was available in different versions with outputs ranging from 56 to 130 kW (75 to 174 hp) at 2300 rpm. The engine features a mechanical fuel injection system that delivers precise amounts of fuel to the cylinders, a turbocharger and an air-to-air charge cooler for improved performance and fuel efficiency.

Huachai Deutz BFM1013-P series pump engine is of compact design with integrated oil cooler and oil filter for easy installation and maintenance. It also has low emission levels and meets the requirements of Stage II and Tier 2 emission standards.

In terms of structure, Huachai Deutz BFM1013-P series pump engines are built with high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability. It has a cast iron block and cylinder head, along with forged steel connecting rods and a heat-treated crankshaft.

Huachai Deutz BFM1013-P series pump engines are used in a wide range of applications, including pump systems for agriculture, construction and mining, as well as power generation and marine propulsion. Huachai Deutz BFM1013-P series pump motor is a reliable and powerful choice for water pump applications, with excellent performance and durability.
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Advantages of BFM1013-P Pump Engine

. Energy efficient
The engine adopts direct fuel injection technology and an advanced combustion system, which can improve fuel utilization and power output, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

. The whole machine is easy to install
The overall structure of the engine is compact, light in weight, easy to install and maintain.

. Wide adaptability
The engine is suitable for a variety of different working conditions and is widely used in construction machinery, engineering machinery, special vehicles, ships and other fields.

Huachai Deutz BFM1013-P Pump Engine

All models of Huachai Deutz BFM1013-P Series Pump Engine.

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