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Dalian Deutz BF4M1013-18E3 Industrial Engine

Dalian Deutz BF4M1013-18E3 Industrial drive engine is a light generator with a power of 132 kW at 2300 RPM. It also has a turbocharger function so that it can operate under high load conditions can apply.
Deutz technology, V-engine, including the following 4 kinds: 6-cylinder, 8-cylinder, 10-cylinder and 12-cylinder.The power is from 132 kW .One cylinder one head structure, without cooling water circulation system, both of which can distinctly make the external pipes less and save maintenance time and also can reduce the potential possibilities of failures.It can be widely used in the high temperatucold, arid and water deficient regions.The inlet heating device can keep good start at temperature of –35 ℃.
The BF4M1013-18E3 engine has the characteristics of high efficiency. By adopting advanced combustion technology and fuel injection system, the engine can achieve higher thermal efficiency and low emission. This not only reduces the cost of use, but also helps to reduce the negative impact on the environment.
We provide full life cycle services for all customers, from design to power system supply, from installation to commissioning, from after-sales service training to spare parts supply, from trouble shooting to overhaul technical support.

Advantages of Dalian Deutz BF4M1013-18E3 Industrial Engine

  • The engine adopts a V-shaped structure, which shortens the axial dimension and reduces the overall height.

  • High degree of serialization, good versatility, less maintenance spare parts, easy maintenance and repair.

  • Using forged steel camshaft and crankshaft, high-strength cylinder block design, multiple parts cast on the cylinder block, high rigidity, high pressure resistance, good reliability, and longer service life.

  • The cylinder bore adopts a platform mesh honing design. The perfect geometric structure effectively prevents oil leakage, and the use of advanced technology such as new piston ring components and gasket crimping and molding reduces oil loss.

  • One cylinder one head structure, withoutcooling water circulation system, both of which can distinctly makethe external pipes less and save maintenance time and also canreduce the potential possibilities of failures.

Technical Specifications

Truck Model:BF4M1013-18E3
Engine Type:4 In line
Displacement:4.764 L
Rated Power / Speed:132 kW @ 2300 RPM
Emission Standards:Euro III
Max. Torque:700 N.m
Aspiration:Turbocharged & Aftercooled
Fuel Pump:EUP
Net Weight:520 Kg
Cooling Method:Air Cooling
Compression Ratio:18
Bore*Storke:108 mm * 130 mm
Lead Time:15-30 Working Days
Payment Terms:T/T ,L/C

Engine Model

Advertised Power/Speed 

Peak Torque/Speed 


BF4M1013EC-G1-A97kW/1500 RPM660N.m /1500 RPMTurbocharged
BF4M1013EC-G2-A105 kW/1500 RPM700 N.m/1500 RPMTurbocharged
BF4M1013EC-G3-A117 kW/1500 RPM745 N.m/1500 RPMTurbocharged
BF4M1013EC-G1-B105 kW/1800 RPM770 N.m/1800 RPMTurbocharged
BF4M1013EC-G2-B115 kW/1800 RPM820 N.m/1800 RPMTurbocharged
BF4M1013EC-G3-B124 kW/1800 RPM880 N.m/1800 RPMTurbocharged
BF6M1013EC-G1-A146 kW/1500 RPM985 N.m/1500 RPMTurbocharged
BF6M1013EC-G2-A160 kW/1800 RPM1050 N.m/1500 RPMTurbocharged
BF6M1013EC-G1-B155 kW/1800 RPM1060 N.m/1800 RPMTurbocharged
BF6M1013EC-G2-B181 kW/1800 RPM1140 N.m/1800 RPMTurbocharged
BF6M1013FC-G1-A166 kW/1500 RPM1100 N.m/1500 RPMTurbocharged
BF6M1013FC-G2-A183 kW/1500 RPM1180 N.m/1500 RPMTurbocharged
BF6M1013FC-G1-B186 kW/1800 RPM1290 N.m/1800 RPMTurbocharged
BF6M1013FC-G2-B204 kW/1800 RPM1370 N.m/1800 RPMTurbocharged
BF4M1013-16E3117 kW/2300 RPM580 N.m/1400 RPMTurbocharged & Aftercooled
BF4M1013-18E3132 kW/2300 RPM700 N.m/1400 RPMTurbocharged & Aftercooled
BF4M1013-19E3140 kW/2300 RPM700 N.m/1400 RPMTurbocharged & Aftercooled
BF6M1013-24E3177 kW/2300 RPM850 N.m/1400 RPMTurbocharged & Aftercooled
BF6M1013-26E3192 kW/2300 RPM950 N.m/1400 RPMTurbocharged & Aftercooled
BF6M1013-28E3206 kW/2300 RPM1050 N.m/1400 RPMTurbocharged & Aftercooled
BF6M1013-30E3220 kW/2300 RPM220 N.m/2300 RPMTurbocharged & Aftercooled

General Infomation of Dalian Deutz BF4M1013-18E3 Industrial Engine

Engine ModelBF4M1013-18E3Bore*Storke 108 mm * 130 mm
Overall Diemension (L*W*H)913 mm * 600 mm * 950 mmDisplacement 4.764 L
Cooling MethodAir CoolingRated Speed 2300 RPM
AspirationTurbocharged & AftercooledNet Weight 520 Kg

Technical Specification of Dalian Deutz BF4M1013-18E3Industrial Engine

Engine Type4 In line
CertificationEuro III
Compression Ratio18
Rated Power 132 kW
Fuel PumpEUP
Idle Speed 700±50 RPM
Advertised Power/Speed 132 kW/2300 RPM
Max.Torque/Speed 700 N.m/1400 RPM
Min.Fuel Consumption With Full-load ≤205 g/kW.h

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