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Application Fields Of Modern Diesel Generator Sets

Jun 9, 2023 | China News | 0 comments

Generator sets and power supply products are widely distributed and involve many industries. For example: Offices of party, government and military agencies: infrastructure and public utilities construction, etc.; energy projects such as coal, oil, natural gas, electric power, new energy, etc.; transportation such as railways, highways, pipelines, water transportation, aviation, and other transportation industries Projects; postal and telecommunications hubs, communications, information networks and other post and telecommunications projects; flood control, irrigation, water conservancy hubs, water diversion (supply), tidal flat treatment, drainage, water and soil conservation and other water conservancy projects; roads, bridges, rail transit, sewage treatment and Emissions, garbage disposal, drainage, underground pipelines and other urban facilities projects; ecological environment and natural resource protection projects Water supply, power supply, gas supply, central heating and other projects: science and technology, education, culture, health, finance, social welfare, sports, business Centers, tourism projects; radio and television, press and publishing industries, and so on.


Specifically, various places where modern people work and live require continuous and reliable power supply, such as: shopping centers, business centers, large international and domestic exhibition centers, financial centers, radio and television centers, network data centers, large conference centers, and stock markets; Radio communication bureau station, cable communication building, satellite earth station; traffic command center, traffic hub, international trade exchange center, cargo transportation sea vessel, inland ship, etc.; water supply station, hotel, restaurant, hospital; large-scale international and domestic sports competition venues , Large-scale cultural performance venues; thermal power plant control systems, nuclear power plant control systems, hydropower power supply control systems, offshore oil platforms; scientific laboratories; etc.; cableway, train lighting, communication, air conditioning, film and television shooting, TV station, food refrigeration, emergency rescue and disaster relief, etc. In the military, military radar, artillery, communications, surveying, warships, etc., the modern defense command system and military equipment of various services and arms cannot be separated from electricity for a moment. These places use mains power daily, but power outages caused by mains maintenance, natural disasters, man-made or natural equipment failures all require a good backup power system, that is, equipped with diesel generator sets. Just imagine what the consequences would be if there is a power outage in the above places? It is conceivable that the political impact and economic loss are immeasurable.

Especially in important places, it is necessary to increase the UPS system to form an AC uninterrupted power supply system. For example, in order to have a good market for products in the industrial economy, it is necessary to have high-quality modern equipment for production, and modern production equipment needs stable and reliable power to ensure normal operation. And high-quality electricity plays an important role in reducing the defective rate of products, improving production efficiency and reducing costs.

Modern diesel generator sets are divided into main units and standby units according to their purposes. The main unit is often an independent power supply, such as: train power station, ship power station, island, mountain forest power station, Antarctic Great Wall power station, field construction power and military field operations, etc. Often more than two units are mutually backup. The standby unit provides emergency power supply when the mains power is cut off. Usually, one unit is used as backup. When the power requirement is high, two or more units are used as backup.

Modern diesel generator sets are divided into fixed machine units and mobile units according to the way they are used. Fixed units are generally used in fixed places on land. Such as telecommunications, power stations, TV stations, etc. Mobile units are often wheeled trailers, vehicles, etc. The vehicle loading type is often car-mounted, ship-mounted, and train-mounted. The mobile power station is sometimes used as the main use, and sometimes it is used as a backup.

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